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DJ E-kawa

DJ, Sound Producer, Creative Director and Label Owner

As known as Ryo Iikawa, Tokyo Heuristixx, Drumroller, asterisk*, Universal Dezign

“e-kawa” recognized due to his unique DJ style and producing skills operates from his home base in Tokyo Japan.

His interest for music started at a very young age after learning to play the recorder at school like many other children, but e-kawa took this interest to another level and began to consume classical music.
The pure beauty & harmony fascinated the young future DJ & producer.

1995 and e-kawa discovered House music and he began to buy & collect thousands of records & CD’s incorporating the many different styles of House & Trance music.
His Artist name e-kawa came into use at the age of 20 at the same time he started out as a professional DJ.
His first big break came with a resident job in the biggest club in Japan “Club Complex CODE”, powered and promoted by DJ ET-Q who also is the boss & manager of CODE.

2 years later and e-kawa releases his debut single “Drumroller – Ultimate Seduction” via Farm Records which is one of the most important dance labels in Japan.

Drumroller hit the number 1 position on the CISCO International Music Chart.
Drumroller was co. Produced together with Shohei Matsumoto aka HEAVENS WiRE.
This very successful partnership bore more number 1 hits in the Japanese Dance Charts, for example “The louder”, “Q.U.I.T.E.” and “Tears”.

His solo project’s Asterisk & Universal Dezign were responsible for smash remixes of Sven-R-G vs Bass T “The Sign” and Shaun Bakers’s big room anthem “Xplode 2”.

e-kawa’s remix of “Shot – Disco Beat 2004” (Farm Records) is still classed as a club anthem in Japan to this date.

2004 was a turning point for e-kawa, after years of studying mass media he received his master of media science.
e-kawa says “Not only is the music important but also the business”.
This title master of media science enabled e-kawa to start work for an advertising agency as a media planner.

In 2008 after learning the ins & outs of business he returned to the music bizz fulltime.
Summer 2008 and e-kawa embarks on a fact finding expedition to Europe taking in meetings, studio visits with such big name DJ/Producers like Bart Claessen, Ian van Dahl and together with Shaun Baker DJ’s gigs in Germany.

Watch this space because he has just begun.

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